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Its all about nutrition!!! So very important!!! Feel free to emaile for help!!!

There are some water based polishes out there you can use. They are safe for your six year old. I believe it's promoted by Gwen Stefani for she used it for her children as well.

In my opinion, deep conditioner is better. It penetrates all the curls and thickness of our hair. Our hair does not absorb regular conditioner because it's made for other hair types not like ours. I hope this was more helpful and understanding on how our hair works.


Wrap it! It's the best way to take care if your hair. When it's freshly done to the next time your get it done, wrap it. It protects your hair from the humidity at night as well as reducing time to fix it in the morning. I recommend it for all curly hair types. I also use the smooth infusion stuff by AVEDA. It smooths the hair to reduce the knots and kinks in your hair while adding other natural ingredients to make your hair healthier too. Have fun with this tip.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Bar 80 g. [Get Free Face Scrubber]

Hey girl, I also break out a lot during the hot summer, but I just started to use"Effaclar" from La Roche-Posay. It's a bar soap for oily skin, and helps my skin to not be sooo greasy without drying it out a lot. I hope this helps & good luck.

Caribbean Greetings Krista. This is Gillian. There are quite a few things you can do, to give your hair more volume and shine.

Please note, that it is very important that you have a healthy diet and drink between 6-8 glasses of water daily. Try to include more foods like nuts and pulses (legumes), spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, peaches and oily fish (e.g. tuna, sardines) in your diet. These foods will help your hair and scalp to be healthy and make your hair lustrous.

Also you can apply the aloe vera gel (from the aloes plant) on your scalp, leave for about one hour and then shampoo your hair like normal and then rinse it out. Aloes is very good for moisturizing and nourishing the scalp. Always use a good shampoo and conditioner that is suited for your hair type as well. Do not rub wet hair, as it is more vulnerable to breakage. Use a wide toothed comb, to ease knots and tangles. Deep condition your hair at least once a month and protect your hair with a sleep cap at night to prevent hair breakage. Avoid excessive use of chemicals and always use a good comb and hair brush suited for your hair type as well. Do not brush your hair excessively either, as it promotes breakage too.You should also use a light moisturizer with sunscreen, to protect your hair from the elements, when outdoors. L'OREAL PARIS has a good product called TOTAL REPAIR 5 WITH CERAMIDE, and it gives your hair strength, vitality and a great shine too.

Massaging the scalp (in circular motions only) every day, can improve the condition of your hair alot. Use special oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil to massage your scalp with.

I hope this helps you. Krista, do have a wonderful day.

There sure are a lot of pretty "up-dos" out there now. With hair that is below the shoulder, it is difficult to "style" it due to the weight of the hair itself. Plus the fact you have SOOOOOOOOO much hair to do something can be difficult. Braids have always been a favorite of mine when dealing with longer hair. There are several different kinds of "rollers" available - bending rods, plastic things - however, that may be too time consuming since you are getting ready to go to school and all. I would suggest you go to a salon and ask to consult with one of the stylists who specializes in long hair plus while there, look at the style magazines to get ideas and talk with the stylist about the "how to's" necessary to achieve the look. Be sure to tell your friend to loosely braid her hair before bedtime to reduce the tangles that occur while sleeping and to get a satin pillow case which will also help keep the hair from tangling. And there is always the ol' pony tail look!!! Good luck and whatever y'all decide to do - enjoy your beautiful hair!

Hello Mocha. This is Gillian. I definitely agree with Grecia, natural is always cheaper to maintain. Don't be bothered if your other friends' hair are relaxed or straightened. You can actually stand out from the crowd and be viewed as being 'NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL.'

You can be very versatile or creative and find lots of nice styles for your natural hair. You can make your hair look very nice with great hair accessories such as hair woollies, grip combs, colorful hair clips or even colorful bandeaux/hair bands etc. You can even do nice, stylish corn rows in your hair. The possibilities are endless and being natural is very cheap!

Hope this helps you. Have a wonderful day.

Caribbean Greetings to you Ree. I am Gillian. I think that for a good tan, you should have a safe tan plan as well. And the safest tan of all is one that comes out of a bottle!

There are three main ways to get a good tan:
1) BRONZING POWDERS-These are designed to be used on your face, and they act in the same way as a blusher. It should not be too pearlized, or you'll shimmer a little too much in the sunshine ( good for ladies to use).
2) WASH-OFF TANNERS-They offer a quick way to create an instant tan on your face and body. Simply smooth on the cream, then wash it away at the end of the day. Some good wash-off tanners include GARNIER AMBRE SOLAIRE NO STREAKS BRONZER WASH OFF. Also GUERLAIN TERRACOTTA JAMBES DE GAZELLE.
3) SELF-TANNERS-These products contain an active ingredient called DHA, which is absorbed by surface skin cells and turns brown in the presence of oxygen, creating the 'tan.' This process usually takes 3-4 hours, and the effects last until these skin cells are naturally shed, which can be from a few days right up to a week. CLINIQUE has good self-tanners such as SELF SUN BODY TINTED LOTION (light to medium). PEVONIA BOTANICA also has a SELF-TANNING EMULSION. PAULA"S CHOICE SKINCARE has the SUN 365 SELF-TANNING FOAM.

For a safe tan plan, please apply suntan lotion before you go into the sun and before you dress, to ensure that you don't miss any areas. If you have sensitive skin, choose hypoallergenic products, ask your pharmacist.. Please protect your lips with a good lip screen to prevent them from burning and chapping. Never be tempted to stay out in the sun too long, where your skin burns. Stay out of the sun between 12 noon and 3 pm when the sun is at its hottest, move into the shade or cover up with a T-shirt and broad-brimmed hat. If you're into alot of sports or swim alot, choose a special sports formula or waterproof formulation.

For a good tan, some self-tanning tips include:
1) Use a body scrub first to rub away the dead flaky skin that can create a patchy finish.
2) Massage plenty of body lotion into the area to be treated. This will combat any remaining dry areas, and give a smooth surface on which to apply the tanning lotion.
3) Use a small amount of the product at a time because you can apply a second layer later.
4) Work the product firmly into the skin until it feels completely dry. Any excess left on the surface is likely to go patchy.
5) While there are self-tanning products that offer some protection from the sun until you wash your skin, it's best to use them in conjunction with the best sunscreen for your skin type.

Hope these tips help you achieve a really good tan. Have a great day.

Hello Katie. I am Gillian. For very good makeup foundations, I would advise you to use MOTIVES COSMETICS. MOTIVES offers very high quality products at a reasonable price, their products are non-allergenic and friendly to the skin. They also offer many different types of foundations for different skin tones and preferences.

You have a choice of foundations ranging from ageless renewal foundation to liquid powder mineral foundation etc. Their foundations are available in a wide variety of different shades, instantly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes imperfections and provides even coverage. They also go on very smooth to create a perfect natural look and are long-wearing.

MOTIVES also offers two different makeup setting sprays to help keep your makeup intact: NO MORE SHINE MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY and TEN YEARS YOUNGER MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY. The first spray is for people with oily skin. It helps to absorb the excess oil and control surface shine, so that your makeup looks perfect for many hours. The TEN YEARS YOUNGER MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY, keeps your makeup intact and helps you look years younger. Both sprays help stop your makeup from sliding and meltdown and prevents your makeup from drying or slipping into pores, lines, wrinkles or scars. These sprays keep your makeup looking flawless.

For more information about the MOTIVES products, or to purchase them, you can email Katharina at Hope this helps you. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your week.

Caribbean Greetings Mackenzie. I am Gillian. When choosing face powders, try and choose very good brand name products which usually lasts longer and the quality is very good.

There are products that you can use to help your makeup last longer such as CLARINS FIX MAKE-UP SETTING SPRAY, this has a hint of grapefruit and makes your makeup stay well on your face. There is also DIORSKIN AIRFLASH SPRAY FOUNDATION which is a long wear foundation. You also have the MOTIVES brand of cosmetics which is very good. You can choose to wear their LA LA MINERAL DUAL FOUNDATION or any of their PRESSED POWDERS. MOTIVES also offers you 2 special makeup setting sprays.

The first setting spray from MOTIVES is the NO MORE SHINE MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY that absorbs excess oil, controls surface shine to help your makeup look perfect for many hours. It cools down your makeup surface and stops it from sliding and meltdown, so you get a matte look for up to 6 hours (apply before any makeup for best results). The second makeup setting spray is the TEN YEARS YOUNGER MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY. This spray helps you look years younger by keeping your makeup from setting into fine lines and wrinkles. Makeup is held in place for hours, without drying and slipping into pores, lines, wrinkles or scars. Keeps makeup looking flawless day and night.

For more information about these special MOTIVES products or to purchase them, you can email Katharina at Hope this information helps you and do enjoy the rest of your week.

Hi Katie. I am Gillian. So you sweat alot? Excessive perspiration can be extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable. Make sure to always keep your body hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily. Try having a bath at least twice a day in summer. In winter, wash yourself up well in the evening. Always bathe using cool water (instead of using warm water). Always wear fresh, natural fibres next to your skin. A talcum powder which suits your skin should be enough to help you keep cool and odourless. If necessary, use an antiperspirant deodorant.

A very good antiperspirant deodorant is 'DRY IDEA ADVANCED DRY.' It is great for people who sweat alot. It offers 72 hour odour protection, it is hypoallergenic (safe for people with sensitive skin too), it stops wetness and malodour and is available in 3 different scents which are fresh, powder fresh and unscented. You can check them out here at

Hope this helps you and do enjoy the rest of your week.


Hey, try "Certain Dri" in roll-on version. You can find it at any drugstore & it's not expensive.

Also, do not use if you just shaved your underarms!!!!

Natural is always cheaper to maintain, no? :)

NEVER use lemon juice on your hair. It is way too acidic and has no emulsification properties. It will only damage your hair.
In a bind, you can use an egg (with yolk). The yolk has emulsifiers (lecithin) and the white has proteins. Both act to cleans your hair AND the proteins also condition.
Of course, you want to rinse it well.