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If you lose weight fast, what do you think is going to happen when you have lost it? You will put it all back again. And you will fall into a pattern of yo-yo dieting for the rest of your life!

The only way to lose weight and keep it off so that you will never have to go on a diet again is by:

Not eating or drinking sugary refined foods and drinks such as soda or hot chocolate or even lattes.

Keeping your carbohydrates low by not eating bread, potatoes or anything with wheat in it.

Eat a healthy diet of meat, chicken, fish, nuts,(not too many) dairy foods (not low fat) eggs, and plenty of vegetables.

This will keep you healthy and lean, without resorting to restrictive diets, which lower your metabolism and make it more difficult to lose weight in the future.

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Please dont go down the dieting road. It is perilous and full of pot holes!

I would wear a shortish cute dress with an oversize cardigan and converse :) have fun!

A long sleeve shirt with a scarf to match! Some skinny jeans and some slip on shoes =)

Go for it!! I think it will look absolutely adorable on you! The good news is: it's just hair ! It grows back and we all need some experimental cuts to know what suits us =)

Infusium 24!!! Also, when you get out of the shower, make sure to not wrap your hair in a towel as it will cause frizzies=(

You can use aloe to help soothe the areas or use cortisone cream if it's really inflamed. If you are talking about your bikini area, make sure you use a good moisturizing shave cream, shave in the direction that you hair is growing. And always use a fresh razor. Dull razors can cause razor burn. Apply aloe or cream as soon as you get out of the shower while your skin is still moist and absorbs the creams better.


Try a mascara for people that use eye contacts.

I think it's called: Hypoallergenic mascara.

I think ALL Almay products are hypoallergenic, so their mascaras.
Try their "One Thickening Coat mascara"

Or Physicians Formula Organic wear mascara...


Diet is the most effective way, in my opinion. Stay away from sugar (drinks and food). Cut down on breads and pastas and instead eat salads, fish/chicken, nuts and fruits. If you can exercise at least a little. Any exercise to get your heart going and breaking a sweat (ex. Jumping ropes or running for at least 20-30 mins).


I don't think it should be a big deal to shop there, unless you really don't need a bra with support.

To be honest, I rarely shop there. Unless there is a sale I might take a look.

My question is, do you need to shop there because you really need something from VS?
Or do you just want to "shop" or be seen shopping there because it is the cool thing to do?

Trust me. Their panties are overpriced & their bras are ok.

The only think I think is worth buying from there is the bathing suits... ON SALE of course!!

Im 15 with a VERY strict mom and she was the first to suggest i get something at that place. I dont think ur mom would mind either. Its only underwear. Tell her u want to shop there because of the high quality not because theyre pretty

If he can't wait it's not worth it. Think of it like this, I'm a virgin. & I'm actually proud because when you find the right one, you'll know. You can't choose when you'll loose it. You will be completely in love with someone & you'll just know. He's the one. So if this guy is pressuring you, he doesn't care enough for your morals, meaning he doesn't respect you. Just remember, make love . Don't have sex.

Like the panties & bras or like hoodies & stuff?


This is really good, I had pretty bad pores , one application ( over night after you wash your face) reduced their size a lot .

You can't make pores disappear, but you can shrink them! You can do that by purging them with a at mask specifically for purging (it'll say on the label). You could use a pore strip to help clear them up. Also, you can open them up using hot water (not scalding!!) and close them up quickly with cold water!

Have you tried back combing? It adds in that extra volume =)